What is ERPS e.V.?

  • an European society consisting of recorder players, recorder makers, dealers, publishers and associates
  • a transnational pivotal point of various activities concerning the recorder
  • an interactive recorder player network
  • a non-profit organisation



What does ERPS e.V. want?

  • to allow and promote cooperations of recorder players in different fields of study and levels in whole Europe
  • to be a panel for discussions concerning the recorder (playing techniques, performance practise, historical research, concert drafts etc.)
  • to encourage the exchange of knowledge between generations



What does ERPS e.V. provide?

  • web-presence of all members
  • event schedule: announcements of concerts, workshops or other events of members
  • publishing CDs, publications and editions
  • marketplace: buy and sell, trade, exchange, contacts…
  • international Biennial Festival: a mix of concerts and workshops. The event is a hotspot for professional recorder players, friends of the recorder, exhibitors and enthusiasts all around Europe. Members are admitted free of charge.
  • newsletter
  • instrument fonds (rentable instuments)



Who are the members?

  • recorder players in different levels and fields
  • recorder makers
  • publisher of literature and scores for the recorder
  • associates


How to become a member?

The registration can be made online or within the Biennial Festival.



Annual membership fee

active member20€
active member (student)10€
recorder makers, editors, publishers, etc100€