Bolzano/Bozen 2019

International Competition for Young Recorder Players
Bolzano, February 1st – February 3rd 2019
The competiton is part of the 8th ERPS-Biennale
Jury: Walter van Hauwe, Dorothee Oberlinger, Andreas Böhlen,
Lorenzo Cavasanti, Anne-Suse Enßle
Prices: Hand made instruments by Luca de Paolis, Francesco LiVirghi, Philippe Laché and others / concerts / recorder equipment / etc

„1 instrument – 100 ways to make it sound“: The aim of the 8th ERPS-Biennale is to show the variety and diversity in today‘s professional recorder playing. Therefore the ERPS announces a competition for young recorder players and recorder students.
There will be two categories:
Category A: 14-18 years old
Category B: 17-24 years old
(Partipicants between 17 and 18 years old can decide theirselves if they want to apply for category A or category B)
There will be a pre-selection by audio-file. Please note that the complete registration
(including audio-file and registration fee) must be done before november 30th 2018.
Interested participants please send the registration form and an audio-file (only mp3) with the requested pieces to

The audio file has to include

Category A
Jacob van Eyck : 1 piece of own choice Violeta Dinescu: „Immaginabile“
2 movements of a baroque sonata
(different characters)

Category B
Isang Yun: „Chinese Pictures / Der Besucher der Idylle“
2 movements of a baroque sonata
(different characters) with own ornamentation
a baroque solo-piece (e.g.Telemann-Fanatasia)
1 piece of free choice

Preview – Program for the finals in Bolzano:
Category A: Self-selected program of completely free choice including the obligatory piece: „Zwei Szenen für Blockflöte solo“ by Manuel Lipstein. Maximum duration: 25 Min.
You can order the obligatory piece from now on via
Category B:
Pre-Finals: One contemporary piece and one piece of ancient music. Duration: 10-20 Min.
Finals: Self-selected program of completely free choice. Duration: 30-40 Min.

Please send your application to
Please send your entrance fee to
IBAN: DE10 4305 0001 0042 4259 67
Purpose of transfer: ERPS-Competition

Further information: or by mail:

ERPS – European Recorder Player Society
Lorenzo Cavasanti (President)
Anne-Suse Enßle (Vice-President)
Justus Willberg (Secretary)
Wolf Meyer (Cashier)

Download Registration form