Bolzano/Bozen 2019

The next Biennale in Bolzano/Bozen is already in the making: „1 Instrument – 100 ways to make it sound“ / Recorderfestival Bozen will take place from 1st to 3rd of February. Please save the date and pass it also to your colleagues, friends, students and pupils. We will be happy to welcome you there!


International Competition for Young Recorder Players
Bolzano, February 1st – February 3rd 2019
The competiton is part of the 8th ERPS-Biennale
Jury: Walter van Hauwe, Dorothee Oberlinger, Andreas Böhlen,
Lorenzo Cavasanti, Anne-Suse Enßle
Prices: Hand made instruments by Luca de Paolis, Francesco LiVirghi, Philippe Laché and others / concerts / recorder equipment / etc

„1 instrument – 100 ways to make it sound“: The aim of the 8th ERPS-Biennale is to show the variety and diversity in today‘s professional recorder playing. Therefore the ERPS announces a competition for young recorder players and recorder students.
There will be two categories:
Category A: 14-18 years old
Category B: 17-24 years old
(Partipicants between 17 and 18 years old can decide theirselves if they want to apply for category A or category B)
There will be a pre-selection by audio-file. Please note that the complete registration
(including audio-file and registration fee) must be done before november 30th 2018.
Interested participants please send the registration form and an audio-file (only mp3) with the requested pieces to

The audio file has to include

Category A
Jacob van Eyck : 1 piece of own choice Violeta Dinescu: „Immaginabile“
2 movements of a baroque sonata
(different characters)

Category B
Isang Yun: „Chinese Pictures / Der Besucher der Idylle“
2 movements of a baroque sonata
(different characters) with own ornamentation
a baroque solo-piece (e.g.Telemann-Fanatasia)
1 piece of free choice

Preview – Program for the finals in Bolzano:
Category A: Self-selected program of completely free choice including the obligatory piece: „Zwei Szenen für Blockflöte solo“ by Manuel Lipstein. Maximum duration: 25 Min.
You can order the obligatory piece from now on via
Category B:
Pre-Finals: One contemporary piece and one piece of ancient music. Duration: 10-20 Min.
Finals: Self-selected program of completely free choice. Duration: 30-40 Min.

Please send your application to
Please send your entrance fee to
IBAN: DE10 4305 0001 0042 4259 67
Purpose of transfer: ERPS-Competition

Further information: or by mail:

ERPS – European Recorder Player Society
Lorenzo Cavasanti (President)
Anne-Suse Enßle (Vice-President)
Justus Willberg (Secretary)
Wolf Meyer (Cashier)

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